Duke Ellington Discography: Tell Me It's The Truth

Grade You
Date Gig Vocalist Source Note
80 You
September 16, 1965 Sacred Concert at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, California Vocal by Ester Marrow Love You Madly - A Concert of Sacred Music (Track 9)
82 You
December 26, 1965 Sacred Concert at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York, New York Vocal by Ester Marrow The Complete RCA Victor Recordings, Disk R, Concert of Sacred Music (Track 2)
94 You
February 21, 1966 Rehearsal at Coventry Cathedral, Coventry, England In Coventry, 1966 (Track 5)
77 You
February 17, 1971 Studio Session, New York, New York The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse (Track 7)
55 October 24, 1973 Concert at Westminster Abbey, London, England Vocal by Anita Moore and Tony Watkins Radio Denmark Broadcast #34
54 You
November 10, 1973 Sacred Concert at the Basilica Santa Maria Del Mar, Barcelona, Spain Vocal by Anita Moore and Tony Watkins Barcelona Sacred Concert