Duke Ellington Discography: Soda Fountain Rag

Grade Audio Date Gig Vocalist Source Note
73 Audio May 8, 1937 CBS Radio "Saturday Night Swing Club" broadcast, New York, New York At The Cotton Club (Disc 1, Track 1)
88 November 1957 WGN Television Broadcast, Chicago, Illnois One Night Stand with Duke Ellington (Joyce LP) (Side 1, Track 3a)
87 September 2, 1964 "Festival - The Duke" CBC Television Broadcast, Toronto, Canada "Festival - The Duke" CBC Telecast
80 Audio April 1967 Unknown Hotel, United States On the Road with Duke Ellington (Track 7b)
81 Audio July 6, 1970 "Bienvenue" ORTF Television Taping, Paris, France Bienvenue (French TV show)
85 Audio April 10, 1972 Piano Concert at the Whitney Museum, New York, New York Live at the Whitney (Track 6)